Since I had never done a 3D cake before the panda bear cake (just posted) I thought I should probabaly practice before I ruin a customers order.  I tried the first recipe Google gave me for 3D shaped cakes and take a look at the outcome…


The head was so heavy, it fell over and I did not use enough batter so the body was not full enough to support the gigantic head.  I guess when they say add pudding to the cake mix…they don’t mean make the pudding first.  OOPS!

So second attempt, I used the Durable 3d and Wedding Cake recipe courtesy of and added more than the 6 2/3 cups of batter the pan instructions call for.  Here’s the result.

Much better.  I dirty iced it since I was only practicing for the cake itself and did not want to put the hours into the decoration…especially since it was almost all eaten by my family in a matter of hours…


Hello hello,

So It’s been a while since my last post but I have been in the kitchen practicing quite a bit.  Here’s a picture of my latest cake, picked up this morning. 

A friend of mine is helping me get the word out about my home business and ordered this cake for her coworkers bridal shower.  It is a marble cake with homemade buttercream icing. 

I love the 3D shaped cake pans and have always wanted to experiment with them.  After two practice runs I found a recipe that worked courtesy of I used their Durable 3D and Wedding Cake recipe.  There is a thin piece of cardboard under the bear that is resting on two pieces of quarter inch dowel so she doesn’t slowly sink into the bottom round cake.  I didn’t want the bear to go anywhere so I also used two more pieces of sharpened dowel through the bear, the board and the round cake. 

This took me about 12 hours between mixing, baking, decorating and definitely learning what to do and what not to do.  Thankfully I had my wonderful assistant (my dad 🙂 ) who asked a ton of questions, had great ideas/suggestions and provided the extra pair of hands I needed througout the process to get this result.

I love the experience I gained from this order and am excited for what’s next…

Stay tuned!


Okay so I’m trying to figure out this whole blogging thing…I think I’ve added pictures of what I want to talk about now?  I hope so…  lol

So this is the latest cake I’ve made, it’s been a while for sure.

This was done for my sisters coworker who I met in March at a birthday party.  I mentioned I like baking and cake decorating and she instantly jumped at the chance to give me more experience.  She said her daughter’s 11th was coming up and she would love it if I could make a cake with her favourite clothing brand’s logo – Stüssy – What an amazing feeling that was, someone who I’ve only just met, who’s never seen my (very basic) work and she’s putting all kinds of faith in me.  It really made me think that my dream of a small side business of my own could be a reality.

So here it is, It’s a vanilla 8″ square cake with three layers.  I used buttercream icing as the base and rolled fondant for the logo and ribbon on the bottom.

Waiting for the first cake I’ve been paid for to be picked up was the most nerve racking experience, but it all went out the window when I saw her reaction.  Jumping, screaming and so excited at how it turned out and how much her daughter will love it.  I later received a picture of the cake and her daughter with a smile from ear to ear.  Yet another amazing feeling.

Now onto the next couple of jobs…3 sheet cakes for my work’s end of the year Thank You party and a 3D Panda bear cake for a bridal shower.  Did I mention they are all for parties on the same day?  I can’t wait.

Stay tuned 🙂


Hello!  I am new to blogging but am very excited, it will take me some time to get this going so bare with me.  🙂