3D Bear – Practice

Since I had never done a 3D cake before the panda bear cake (just posted) I thought I should probabaly practice before I ruin a customers order.  I tried the first recipe Google gave me for 3D shaped cakes and take a look at the outcome…


The head was so heavy, it fell over and I did not use enough batter so the body was not full enough to support the gigantic head.  I guess when they say add pudding to the cake mix…they don’t mean make the pudding first.  OOPS!

So second attempt, I used the Durable 3d and Wedding Cake recipe courtesy of www.cakecentral.com and added more than the 6 2/3 cups of batter the pan instructions call for.  Here’s the result.

Much better.  I dirty iced it since I was only practicing for the cake itself and did not want to put the hours into the decoration…especially since it was almost all eaten by my family in a matter of hours…


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